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Need help generating an insurance estimate? We can help compile professional, unit cost estimates to submit to your insurance company. 

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Public adjusters work well...

Yes, they can often negotiate higher insurance claim settlements for homeowners. 

...but are also expensive.

You end up paying thousands of dollars in the long run so why not try to file the claim yourself, with our help, and eliminate these fees entirely? Sometimes these expenses & fees range from 25%-50% of your total insurance claim, with the average being around 35%.

Hiring Public Adjusters Costs Thousands. Save Money & Avoid These Fees by Negotiating Higher Insurance Claim Settlements Yourself 

Using a public adjuster to negotiate your insurance claim may end up costing thousands of dollars that you could and should be retaining. While you don't pay them upfront or directly for their services, they usually receive a portion of the claim settlement from the insurance company through what's called contingency fees. 

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“You are providing a wonderful service for people involved in claims disputes."

“My insurance company did not send me a fair settlement offer upfront so I wanted to dispute their estimate. After reviewing your resources, I was able to negotiate with my insurance company to generate a higher settlement thanks to a few, key tips mentioned in your product & videos. Thank you for your help. You truly are providing a wonderful service for people involved in claims disputes, and I'm thankful we found your services in our time of need."

George Grover

Homeowner Insured by Allstate 

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Jane Doe

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