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You can always hire a Public Adjuster afterwards...right

Offering affordable home insurance claims course and services that help educate homeowners about the  entire Home Insurance Claims Process and how to generate an equitable settlement saving time & money as the first party named insured

Property Damage Homeowner Insurance Claims Course and Services

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Gain access to our step-by-step claim course and resources when you need to file home insurance claims.  If you do not understand the process, then why not educate yourself right's your property and money we are talking about here.   

Expert Claim Scenario Suggestions

1-on-1 industry suggestions that could help you navigate the claim course and claim process empowering your success.

As a first party named insured policyholder you can negotiate your own settlement. Call now for a free explanation of our services.


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Custom Insurance Estimates

Need help generating a unit cost line item property damage estimate? We can help compile a professional, unit cost line item estimate that can help you with the valuation process when determining the amount of loss. Simply submit the needed information requested in order to get's that easy.

Generate the results of a public adjuster without the added cost. Sign Up Today...for Only $279.00

We'll provide  you with the necessary resources that help educate you with the property damage homeowner insurance claim process so you can negotiate your own settlement as the named insured policyholder. Saving time and saving money. By signing up today, you'll gain access to the homeowner insurance claim course and its resources which will empower you with industry specific knowledge that allows you to negotiate maximum recovery yourself while avoiding unnecessary fees. Knowledge equals Power...

Public adjusters work well depending on their experience and can be very expensive, time consuming and watch out for the public adjuster that accepts the very first offer without working hard to get what you really money in their pockets. 

You can do this and we can help. So why not educate yourself with the Home Insurance Claim Course right'll be happy that you did. MONEY BACK Guarantee..

Yes, they can often negotiate higher insurance claim settlements for homeowners. The industry is flooded with public adjusters that have no real life experience or credentials. Why not try negotiating can always hire a public adjuster after generating the largest sum  of money first. 

You end up paying thousands of dollars in the long run. So why not try to file the property damage home insurance claims yourself. With the knowledge received from our home insurance claims course and resources. Eliminate these fees entirely? Sometimes these expenses & fees range from 5%-50% of your total insurance claim, with the average being around 20% that is deducted from the settlement repair money. The 20% is not paid by or from the insurance company.

Save Thousands of Dollars in Adjuster Fees by Negotiating 

Home Insurance Claims Yourself


  Learn how this process really works from a

 industry insider public adjuster since 1992. 

It's your money and property we are speaking about here.... 

Using a public adjuster to negotiate your insurance claim may end up costing you thousands of dollars that you could and should be retaining from your property damage insurance claim settlement yourself. 

While you don't pay them upfront or directly for their services, they usually receive a portion of the insurance claim through what's called a contingency fee arrangement. Which, is a percentage of the claim amount. Some states cap or regulate the contingency fee as to how high the percentage can be charged.

Check with your state insurance department about the fee structure in your state. You can always hire a public adjuster after your have tried generating the initial offer.

 Example: The average Fire / Lightning claim payout 1 in 357 homes is approximately $68,322.00 x .20% 

adjuster fee = $13,664.40 dollars v. $279.00. 

Why not try negotiating yourself...Heck you can always hire a public adjuster after you have generated the lion share of money yourself. If you think that you have hit an impasse and are having extreme difficulty at that point in time, then consider hiring a public adjuster. But at least try this yourself or reach out to us for suggestions that may consider getting you over the hurdle or issues that you maybe experiencing at that time or phase of the claim cycle you are in. 

Let the public adjuster apply his / her fee on anything up and over what you already negotiated as the first party named insured policyholder!!!

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"My insurance company did not send me a fair settlement offer upfront so I wanted to dispute their estimate. After reviewing your resources, I generated a higher settlement thanks to your product."

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“You're providing a wonderful service for homeowners that have no knowledge about the  homeowner insurance claim process.”

"Thank you for your help. You are providing a wonderful service for homeowners that have no knowledge about the homeowner insurance claim process. So thankful we found your website."

Michele Jacobson

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Learn how to maximize property damage home insurance claims on your own with industry specific knowledge from a public adjuster!

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