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You can always hire a Public Adjuster afterwards...right?

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 Property Damage Industry Specific Home Claims Information that EDUCATES Homeowners about the ENTIRE Homeowner Insurance Claims Process created by a licensed public adjuster that has been practicing since 1992 full time. 

  Your  personal tutor and or home claims coach...!

 From Start to Finish and everything in between. 

That's Right

Learn how to generate an equitable property damage

Home Claims Settlement Yourself when you finish this course... understanding

your options and much more as the policyholder named insured.


Saving Time & Money

as the first party named insured!


matter when protecting your HOME

Every Homeowner should have a copy of this

9 Step Video Homeowner Claims Course

in their personal library as a reference guide.

 Only 5 hours of your time

30 DAY Money Back Guarantee- when you finish this course and you can honestly say that you have not gained specific home claims knowledge from the information in this course in any way  then we will  refund your money. This does not apply to individuals that are in this business...just every day  homeowner 's needing to be educated on how the Home Claims Process really works! 

This  Educational Video Series is Jamb Packed

with specific 'Insider Claims Content' that was created  by a Licensed Public Adjuster that has been practicing

Since 1992 Full-Time

REALLY are you kidding me?  That's Right...

Over 31 YEARS of Property Damage




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30 DAY Money Back Guarantee - when you finish this course and you can honestly say that you have not gained specific home claims knowledge from the information in this course in any way  then we will  refund your money. This does not apply to individuals that are in this business...just every day  homeowner 's needing to be educated on how the Home Claims Process really works! 

Property Damage Homeowner Insurance Claims Course and Services

 Home Insurance 

Claims Course

9 Step

Video Series 

Gain access to our step-by-step video claim course and resources when you need to file home insurance claims.  If you do not understand the process, then why not educate yourself right's your property and money we are talking about here.   

Do You Have 

Expert Home Claims Suggestions and Opinions

1-on-1 industry tutoring options and that teach you personally how to navigate the claim course and claim process empowering your success when problems develop. Follow the Roadmap designed.

As a first party named insured policyholder you can negotiate your own settlement. Call now for a free explanation about all of our tutorial services.


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Custom Unit Cost Line Item

Property Damage Estimates

Need help generating an accurate detailed unit cost line item property damage estimate? We can help compile a professional, unit cost line item estimate that can help you with the valuation process when determining the amounts to repair or replace damaged property. Simply submit the needed information requested in order to get's that easy. Start Right Now...

Generate the results of a public adjuster without the added cost. Sign Up Right Now...for Only $279.00. 

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Well worth the investment 


Receive an Awesome Home Insurance Claims


FOR ONLY $279.00 

Get out of the DARK and into the KNOW HOW


We'll provide  you with the necessary resources that help educate you with the property damage homeowner insurance claim process so you can negotiate yourself as the named insured policyholder. Saving time and saving money.

By signing up today, you'll gain access to the homeowner insurance claim course and its resources which will empower you with industry specific knowledge that allows you to negotiate maximum recovery yourself while avoiding unnecessary fees if desired.  Knowledge Really Does Equal Power...and most certainly

levels the playing field. 

Public adjusters work well depending on their experience. But can be very expensive, 

they often take longer periods of time to settle claims, and WATCH OUT for the public adjuster that accepts the very first offer without pushing back protecting your interest.

A REPUTABLE Public Adjuster should create an accurate unit cost estimate that reflects the damages sustained to your home without a fluff-a-nutter sandwich and or exaggerations that can trigger a 


intervening into your property damage home claim when prices are ridiculously

inflated by the public adjuster without justification or cause. 


This can cause serious problems for you and that public adjuster!

Our opinion is that a reputable public adjuster should establish an accurate DOLLAR AMOUNT as to what YOU the policyholder, named insured, are formally claiming based on the merits of your property damage and current situation.

You need and deserve an accurate well written estimate that can be used as a reference for comparison when refuting pricing discrepancies or low ball offers issued by the insurance company.

A reputable PUBLIC ADJUSTER should work diligently on your behalf...trying to get you what is entitled under the policy and really should present a unit cost line item estimate on your behalf specifically requesting the dollar amount being claimed. 

HOWEVER, If the public adjuster  just shows up in his / her Bentley Rolls Royce or a  $80,000.00 high end vehicle. Or whatever, just to meet with the insurance company claims representative and that is it...!!!

DOES NOT present a detailed unit cost line item estimate that reflects replacement cost or actual cash values to repair damaged property. OR for that matter does not present any estimate at all and does not establish a dollar amount as to what is being claimed.

Accepts the very first offer made by the carrier, applies the fee that you agreed to in the public adjusters contract, then you need to be LEARY of this type of PUBLIC ADJUSTER. There are way to many of these types running around traveling the country from storm event to storm event or disaster to disaster zones. 

 There are so many people getting into the PUBLIC ADJUSTMMENT INDUSTRY OR BUSINESS right now. Selling Services and OR RECRUITING, down lines - up lines- multi level marketing pyramid schemes on how to become a successful public adjuster overnight. This has the public adjusting industry totally saturated across the entire nation. 

SATURARTION is the Primary Reason why Property Claim Tips, LLC created the Home Insurance Claims Course.  

Most newbies were in a different business sector last month and have absolutely no understanding at all about how   this industry works. Yesterday a Rocket Scientist or whatever and today a Public Adjuster...REALLY. Lets get serious here.


Do you want a JACK of ALL TRADES that enrolled in a public adjuster course overnight and now is handling your Fire Damage Home Insurance Claim, Windstorm Damage Home Insurance Claim, Flood Damage Home Insurance Claim, Smoke Damage Home Insurance Claim, Lightning Strike Damage Home Insurance Claim, Hail Damage Home Insurance Roof Claim , Theft Home Insurance Claim, Frozen Pipe Water Damage Home insurance Claim, Ice Damming Home Insurance Claim, Vandalism Home Insurance Claim, Water Damage Home Insurance Claim, and many other types of property damage home insurance claims.

Do you want someone like this negotiating your property damage home insurance claim settlement for you...accepting the very first offer without presenting one on your behalf ?  

We call these folks 'SCAM ARTIST'  

that are making huge amounts of MONEY for just showing up at your claim...that's it.

 MAKING FAST MONEY on the undisputed initial good faith offered amounts offered up by the insurance company.  No estimate was presented, No pushing back or rebutting the initial offer by asking for more money on your behalf. Knowing that the initial offer is a low ball offer and ridiculously offensive. 

In all Honesty what did that person or firm do for the THOUSANDS of DOLLARS they made quickly. FAST  MONEY in their pockets. That is why we say scam artist ripping homeowners off. And as far as we are concerned unethical misrepresentation of the public adjusting industry. Giving Great Public Adjusters a Bad Name. NOT COOL

You can do this and we can help educate you. So why not educate yourself with the 9 Step VIDEO Home Insurance Claim Course right'll be happy that you did.  See Our MONEY BACK Guarantee at the end of this offer.

Yes, a really good public adjuster can often negotiate higher insurance claim settlements for homeowners.  However, the industry is flooded with public adjusters that have no real life experience or credentials. Why not try negotiating can always hire a public adjuster after generating the largest sum of money first.  Last week a Rocket Scientist This week a Public Adjuster...WATCH OUT ---- EXPIERINCE MATTERS

You end up paying thousands of dollars in the long run. So why not try to file the property damage home insurance claims yourself. With the knowledge received from our home insurance claims course and resources. Eliminate these fees entirely? Sometimes these expenses & fees range from 5%-50% of your total insurance claim, with the average being around 20% that is deducted from the settlement repair money. The 20% is not paid by or from the insurance company.

Save Thousands of Dollars in Adjuster Fees by Negotiating

Home Insurance Claims Yourself...that's right from START to FINISH 


  Learn how this process really works from a

 Industry Insider Licensed Public Adjuster since 1992. 

It's your money and property we are speaking about here....

You will learn more than most Public Adjusters KNOW Right Now from an EXPERT

Using a public adjuster to negotiate your insurance claim may end up costing you thousands of dollars that you could and should be retaining yourself if you are not very careful when deciding to hire a reputable public adjuster with experience. Make sure that you are diligent by thoroughly screening with the state insurance department with regards to complaints, and if that public adjuster, or public adjusting firm is in good standing with all  state regulations and license requirements.  As well as Bonds and Insurance stipulations mandated by the state. 

While you don't pay the public adjuster up front or directly for their services, they usually receive a portion of the insurance claim through what's called a contingency fee arrangement. Which, is a percentage of the claim amount. Some states cap or regulate the contingency fee as to how high the percentage being charged can be. The public adjusters fee is not made part of your replacement cost valuation or the insurance settlement that reflects the dollar amount needed for repairs to rebuild the damaged property.

Therefore, the fee is subtracted from the net amount offered by the insurance carrier to repair or rebuild the property. 

 DISCLAIMER- Please understand that there are some really great public adjusters that really know and understand your dilemma with decades of experience. However, our product was and is designed to educate you, giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to determine the course of action that you decide when submitting and processing a home insurance claim. 

Check with your state Department of Insurance about the fee structure that a public adjuster can charge.  You can always hire a reputable and experienced public adjuster after your have tried generating the initial offer and undisputed good faith offered amount yourself...right! 

 Example: The average Fire / Lightning claim payout 1 in 357 homes is approximately $68,322.00 x .20% 

adjuster fee = $13,664.40 dollars v. $279.00   NO BRAINER - ACT NOW 


The Roadmap to a successful property damage homeowner insurance claim settlement was designed specifically by a public adjuster just for you. That's Right...

Why NOT give it a try Right Now!

If you think that you have hit an impasse and are frustrated, having extreme difficulty with your claim, and you do not want to follow through with the process any longer, than at that point in time, consider hiring a reputable experienced public adjuster. Ask that public adjuster to go up and over the amounts that you negotiated yourself at that point in time with a contingency fee arrangement that you feel is fair and reasonable. That is if you want to pay for the convenience of doing absolutely nothing at that point.



Our 9 Step Video Homeowner Insurance Claims Course that educates. Follow the roadmap designed for maximum recovery. If you are still having difficulty afterwards than seek out our personal one-on-one tutoring service. 

That's right, contact us for tutoring suggestions one on one that can get you where you need to be quickly when managing your claim. Depending on the merits, issues, and problems that you are experiencing at this time and understanding what phase of the claim cycle you are in, is very important for a successful outcome. 

We are just one phone call away or it is as simple as sending us an email

Please Remember

That YOU are the one that makes ALL the decisions because you are the one dealing with the insurance company as the first party named insured...not us!

You just need to make the correct decisions that are right for you and your family once you understand the options and the entire home claims process as a whole. 



  • We are not acting as your public adjuster. 
  • We are under no contingency fee contract with you. 
  • We are not dealing with your insurance company as             your representative. 
  • Our name will not appear on any checks that are issued     by the insurance company. 
  • We do not have a financial interest in your homeowners     insurance claim.
  • We are EDUCATORS that are teaching about the                   Home Claims Process from experience since 1992.





That's Right...with our experience in this industry our one-on-one tutoring and teaching services can educate you when trying to make the best decisions that are right for you and your family. You decide not us.

Understanding Your Options and the process from an insider's point of view is Vital.

Gain Industry Knowledge that nobody wants to share with you in order to negotiate the best home claims property damage settlement that you possibly can yourself... once you really understand this process and are finally HOME INSURANCE CLAIMS EDUCATED then   Nobody can ever take this education away from you.  

After all, do you REALLY Understand the entire Home Claims Process RIGHT NOW? 


Well You Can for as little as $279.00.


  • Understand Policy Structure - Do you know your policy type and its structure?
  • The different Policy Types on the market, Perils, Forms, and Endorsements
  • Insurance Principles
  • Claim Settlement Options that you need to understand and be aware of
  • Chain of Command - why it is important to document the names and contact         information of your insurance carriers chain of command.  Knowing this hierarchy is very beneficial when filing complaints seeking managers and etc. Document/ Document & Document more...! Having a well documented claim file is critical for your attorney if needed. Written correspondence is a must. Over 30 pre-made letters waiting just for you to fill in with your specific information. 


  • Create Claim File- Documentation is critical for the attorney's just in case. 
  • Protect Property from further Damage - SECTION 1- CONDITIONS requirements
  • Notifying Claim to the insurance company intake department conversation will             be recorded, so be prepared and ready to go. Not as scary as you may think when         you understand and are claim ready.
  • Prepare a Building- Dwelling Estimate that establishes credible valuation. No Fluff
  • Prepare Personal Property Estimate - RCV - ACV No Fluff-a-nutter stuff
  • Meeting with the Adjuster - the different types that you need to beware of
  • Negotiate - Negotiate and Settle - push back and never accept the first offer...!              Understand that one rebuttal letter can be worth thousands of                  dollars.     
  •  Learn how to write a rebuttal letter with a credible well written estimate. 
  • Recoverable Depreciation - Hold Back - what the heck is that? Your Money
  • Supplemental Damages- Supplemental Claim - what is needed. 
  • Pre-made forms, and 30 pre-made letters already designed and created to            serve as written documentation when communicating or following up with a                 telephone conversations with the insurance company and their adjuster. Just               insert  your claims information and there you go...instant letter. Like microwave            popcorn.

WOW... this is INCREDIBLE 

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Money Back Guarantee Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

30 DAY Money Back Guarantee - when you finish this course and you can honestly say that you have not gained specific home claims knowledge from the information presented in this course in any way then we will  refund your money. This does not apply to individuals or entities that work in any manner or are in this business...just every day  homeowner 's needing to be educated on how the Home Claims Process really works! 



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if you are thinking about submitting a 

Home Insurance Claim this is a 









Especially from an Insider that has been settling first party home claims since 1992 as a full time licensed public adjuster...


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Learn how to maximize property damage home insurance claims on your own with industry specific claim knowledge. Your roadmap was designed by a public adjuster that has been practicing Since 1992 full time first party

Property Damage Home Claims Settlements.!

Sign up RIGHT NOW and gain access to our home insurance claims course that is


with INDUSTRY SPECIFIC Home Claims INFORMATION and resources.

Major credit cards accepted...this is a fantastic value that every homeowner should have in their library as an educational reference tool and guide when submitting a homeowner insurance claim.