• Property Damage Insurance Claim Help

    Innovative Professional and Responsive Claims Knowledge

    This website is here to help guide you through the "Property Damage" insurance claim process as a first party claimant.

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  • Our Consulting team can get you where you need to be quickly

    All we need is to find out where you are in the claim process

    Once we find out what has transpired and where you are in the claim process then we can get you moving forward with an equitable settlement.

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  • The Insurance Industry uses Unit Cost Estimating Software

    Unit Cost estimate are line item valuations

    This is how an insurance company can tell if you or your contractor is inflating the cost of repairs. Find out why?

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  • Pricing Dispute Resolution

    Property Damage Appraisals are not Real Estate Appraisals

    If you are having difficulty agreeing on the settlement amount of claim then invoking the appraisal provision might be the way to go...

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  • Affordable Public Adjustment, LLC (215) 364-4544

    Competitive Fees as low as 5% - 20%

    If you really need a "Public Adjuster' then we are only a phone call away. Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Working on Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgina, Maryland, Delaware, New York licenses.

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Avoid Public Adjuster Fees Negotiate Yourself Saving THOUANDS

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