Learn How to Maximize Insurance Claims Without Hiring a Public Adjuster


5 Reasons to File Home Insurance claim on your own...

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    Save up to $3,500 on average
    Public adjusters charge up to 35% of your insurance claim settlement. That means if you have $10,000 of property damage you may be paying $3,500 to a public adjuster. Instead file the claim yourself with our help.
  • 2
    Insurance companies rip people off everyday
    Whether they wrongfully deny a claim or offer low settlements, insurance companies cannot be trusted. Educating yourself on how to file an insurance claim empowers you with the necessary knowledge to ensure you receive 100% of what you are legally entitled.
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    We'll be there to guide you through the process - every step of the way
    Follow along our instructional videos which will guide you through the insurance claim process. Save thousands by avoiding public adjuster fees.
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    We provide all the resources you'll need to successfully manage your claim
    We offer a variety of tools to help you file your insurance claim, including free & premium videos, on-demand insurance consulting, itemized estimating services, and much more.
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    You can do it on your own with our help
    Most homeowners don't understand the insurance claim process and are forced to either hire a public adjuster or accept lower settlements. We'll work with you to guide you along the process from start to finish.

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