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Is Your Property Damaged?
Speak to our Property Damage Insurance Claim Experts Today
Enjoy a free 10 minute consultation to learn more about our claim services and how our experts can help you receive the policy benefits that you are entitled to as a first party named insured. After all…can you really trust insurance company’s these days?

We are a national firm focused on helping property owners file insurance claims after suffering property damage. We offer a wide range of claim services for property owners across the country. Knowledge = Power to Negotiate Yourself  ‘AVOIDING PUBLIC ADJUSTER FEES’.  Saving Money & Time…

Can you really trust insurance companies
these days?

Loss of income and continuation of expenses
Business interuption claims

Line item unit cost estimating
Contractor Overhead & Profit 21% added

Not in agreement with insurance offer
We can help…

Claim Notification Process

We’ll help you understand the keywords and phrases when notifying your insurance company of your property damage. Using the wrong terminology can be cruicial and mean the difference of getting a claim covered or denied.

Insurance Consulting Services

We’ll guide you through the entire property damage insurance claim process from start to finish, acting as your claim coach.  After all, we have been doing this since 1992.  You will most certainly benefit from this service as a first party named insured. You will be negotiating yourself with our guidance and opinions.

Estimate Review Services

Not sure about your settlement offer and or the estimate issued by the insurance company is accurate?  Send it to us for review. We can review the estimate line by line making certain you receive what is rightfully owed. We can help you address any and all issues as well as formatting a rebutal letter. Follow our guidelines and opinion. After all…it’s your money and property we are talking about here.

Letter Templates & Forms

Download and edit custom letters that document your entire claim file from the moment you notify your property loss. That’s right… you must document every stage of your claim just in case you need to defend it in a court of law. Documentation, letter writing and knowing the chain of command are key elements when maximizing your claim benefits for  a larger settlement. Adjusters do not like it when you write letters all the time. Most do not have the time to respond in a timely manner. We have all the forms and letters you will need for this purpose. Afer all we have been writing letters such as these since 1992.

Our Team of Industry Experts
Rick Kinney

Founder & President

Jarred Kinney

Licensed Insurance Adjuster

Jason Kinney

Licensed Insurance Adjuster

Justin Kinney

Director of Marketing

Need help filing your insurance claim? Speak to one of our experts today.

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